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Does a Bad Experience Stop Our Faith in Generosity?

I am at the gym, and following a tough but great session with my coach, I am showered and changing to go to work. I am feeling good, happy, healthy and in fine spirit. A man I don’t know asks me if I have one of the few spare padlocks for the lockers that the club offers out when members forget their own. I don’t as I have my own, with the keys wrapped around my massage stick I use to warm up with and help prevent muscle pulls. In a moment of generosity I say to him, tell you what, I can lend you mind if you drop it back at reception on your way out.

It takes me a minute or so to unravel the band that holds on my keys. I have tied them on well. He says thank you, he will, and his name is Paul. No worries I say. It is an act of simple kindness from one fellow being to another. I go home.


Two days later and I am back for some more punishment only this time I am with disappointment when I discover that Paul has not paid back my act of generosity.

I am padlock-less, The spares are all out.  My first thought, why did I set myself up for this? I should have said no and left it at that. Then worse, a thought of anger. I breathe, and then I smile. God, you love to teach by  using fun and demanding lessons. Now, I will have to find somewhere safe to keep my phone and wallet when I train, and will then need to schlep into town for a replacement. This is not what I want! Then another thought lands. What if Paul passed on my act of kindness and paid it forward, lending my padlock to another member? What if ‘my’ padlock is saving the belongings of the un-padlocked one gym session after another?! Thoughts and the truth can be miles apart, but it certainly beats the anger thought, if beats is the right word!


I don’t think it is bad or wrong to have unpleasant and fearful thoughts, and I do think it is wise to be cautious at times too. What I also believe is that life teaches us in ways that are quite often uncomfortable rather than sugar coated treats that we might wish for, in order to help us expand our horizons and become wiser. Our attitude to all of the incidents life throws at us will be our golden compass, for ultimately we will either simply get through life or we will grow through life. So next time a favor goes pear shaped, how will you react?! After all, who wants to padlock a generous heart?! Here’s to Paul, a teacher of mine.

Posted by: ianlynch7 | November 27, 2011

Always Expect The Unexpected

Our life is a journey of discovery, where we sail the seas of reality, sometimes awake, sometimes asleep, and sometimes in-between. Mostly we are occupied by thoughts and memories of the past, or with hopes and desires for the future. Even when we are present, we often live from the unconscious belief that everything will last forever. In sailing along life’s habitual state of reality, we might look out to sea and suddenly out of the blue, a mermaid rises up from the deep. We do not have mermaids in our world. She calls to us with a song of love, but we are stunned into inaction, caught by surprise, thrust from our normality. She disappears below the shimmering waves. We were taken by surprise, unable to deal with this unexpected moment that presented itself. Our reality is shattered.

For most of my life I lived in a state of being where ‘normality’ ruled. Whenever something out of the ordinary, whether it be sad, miraculous or the ‘sighting of a mermaid’ took place, I would be catapulted into a surreal world where all I had known to be secure, ceased to exist. That was until I experienced a sudden awareness, that in order to live life more preciously, more spontaneously, more potently and more openly, then always expect the unexpected. Instantly, I found that my senses were heightened, my day became richer, deeper and more precious. Nothing is really as it appears. Nothing seen, touched, tasted or felt is in a permanent state of being. Every moment is sacred; for it will not last.

When this landed, something huge shifted within me. A damn of emotion welled up. I got it, life really is the most beautiful, profound, glorious and incredible gift, as fragile as a butterfly’s wing, and as temporary as a sunset over the ocean. Life really is a divine gift that can and will change in an instant. In this state of expecting the unexpected to happen, colors sharpen, joy bubbles up (even in difficult situations), and this altered state begins to be normal. Godincidences (coincidences, as I call them) happen more frequently and there is no option other than to surrender to life’s plans.

Today, in a moment of despair, a life was lost, and normality was ended for the friends and family of the Welsh footballer Gary Speed. Like many others, I was shocked, and saddened at his passing. The unexpected had happened. The world will never be the same. The truth is, it never will be. The truth is, it never was.

Posted by: ianlynch7 | November 24, 2011

Thank You

Today is a day for feeling our gratitude for the sweet things, people and experiences of our lives, and saying ‘Thank You’ for the life we have, the love of our friends, our family and cherished ones. It is also a day to share our love with the whole world, our extended family of friends we have not met, and the vast majority that we never will. It is a day to send our loving thoughts to those caught up in despair and violence, sadness, loneliness and self-loathing. They need our love and support desperately.

Life gives us moments of sheer majestic beauty, as well moments of deep cutting pain. A day of thanksgiving is an opportunity to reset our hearts towards love on this amazing wonderful journey called Life.

Just for today, may you shine, may you be courageous, forgiving, blessed, kind, wise and thankful for the gift that you are. Without your presence, love and beauty, we would all be the worse off.

With you being here today in your full glory, we are far the better off for your presence, and we are all truly grateful for you.

And so be it.

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11/11/11 @ 11/11 – Sharing The Love

Whether you believe in the magic of all the 11’s or whether you don’t,  at 11 minutes past 11, thousands if not millions of people from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe, across every time zone, will come together to pray, stop, meditate and connect in the hope, intrigue and desire for a better world; a world of peace, love, fun, joy and deep fulfillment. This to me is an even greater thing than this amazing numerical convergence. Love is in the air, and any sane person surely wants to live beyond simply surviving, getting by and being FINE!

As the 11th unfolds, this phenomenon is a unique opportunity to be a part of something bigger than all of us individually. It is an opportunity to share from our hearts and join in globally. You need tell no one either. How cool is that! Even better, it might just have an effect. We are all influenced by magnetic unseen forces from the Sun, the environment and from our collective thoughts.

So just for one day, on this once only moment in time, set your clock,  your alarm, or diary to 11 minutes past 11 am and join in. What have you to lose? And what if it works??! The secret of the deepest happiness is to learn to love all of humanity. Today is such a day.

Love to each and every one of us.

May it be so.

Posted by: ianlynch7 | September 1, 2011

Shift Happens!

Today sees the launch of a new edition of a book that is close to my heart, Shift Happens!, by Dr Robert Holden. Biased as I could be, this book had a great impact upon me when I read the original manuscript, for it indeed helped to change my life.

At that time, I was working in a job that I disliked, whilst wishing for a different and more fulfilling way of making a living, and more importantly, yearning to do something more meaningful with my life. Shift Happens! could not have arrived at a better time.  It is a delightful and powerful book, written in a style that I love, with short real anecdotal chapters, based on the incredible work of Robert Holden.

There are so many gifts, messages and reminders in this book, that it is an Aladdin’s cave of inspirational treasures that pour out from every page. This little book quite literally put me back in the game of life, dusted down my adventurous spirit, and refuelled my enthusiasm for making things happen. The shift was on!

The irony about my wishing for something better was that life was listening, and the shift without the f was about to hit the fan of my career in a big way. I was thrust out of my job and into debt and crisis by a variety of incidents connected to the business that I was a partner in. It was, as Robert would say, ‘a badly wrapped gift’. The job I hated was swept away in an instant, and after the shock and challenge of it all, I was free to choose again.

Whilst hopefully you will not need to go through such a violent and dramatic change, including the loss of my home, this book quite literally will leave you changed, cleansed, uplifted and inspired.

To top it all, if you follow this link quickly,  Shift Happens! Competition,  you can win a chance to be coached by Robert 1 to 1, which will make things happen for you even faster. In the meantime, get yourself a copy, and read about the many powerful ways to help you transform your life, and let me know how you get on!

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Who Are We Behind This Physical Lifeform?

I am not my body?! I wish I had thought about that years ago. I would not have plied it with alcohol, fed it with dodgy food, kept it up all night when it wanted to rest and judged it so harshly, if I had thought that it was not me.

I wish I had understood earlier in my life that my body loved being fit, healthy and strong. Understood that it wanted to work together with my best thinking, to make the most of this lifetime, to run fast, to feel the wind upon my face, and to give me important feedback about what is happening around within and around me. Instead, I took it as me, warts and all.

I am not my mind?! I wish I had thought that thought years ago. If I had, I would not have believed in such thoughts as I am too good for this, I am not good enough for that, he is an idiot, I am an idiot! I would not have listened to those thoughts which said c’mon, lets join in, let’s not join in, lets tell them they are wrong, let’s do this for the crack, lets get wasted! Instead my mind was both devil and friend.

I am a spirit living in a physical world?! I wish I had thought about this many years ago, and felt for this in my body and within my mind. I would have lived more poetically, more dynamically, more radically, more beautifully, more peacefully, more joyously, and ironically, more adventurously. Instead life was hit and miss.

Thankfully, I comprehend that I have lived life to the best of my ability in every moment of every day, given the information, wisdom and knowledge that I had at that time. I partied hard, played well , argued well, forgave well (I and those who were wrong 😉 , and I always had a thirst for adventure, knowledge and fun, which helped lift me through some of life’s more challenging moments. I also believe that at some level all of us do the very best that we can in any given moment, even if with hindsight, we could have done better, much better. Sadly, we are so hard on our selves, upon our body, mind and spirit, and for the most part, we do not see our own deeper beauty and that of those around us.

Life is what you make of it, life is what we have been given. Life has it twists and its turns, and in the end, at the moment of our death, we will know the truth. If it is the end, we will know nothing, and therefore all will be well. If it is not the end, well, I guess we will deal with it to the best that we can, as we did in this lifetime, and all will hopefully be well. Possibly we may do even better, given all that we have learned and experienced here, this time. If not, well it will still be the best that we can do at that time. So come on, let’s give ourselves a break, we are doing an amazing job. However, if we can do better, then perhaps today is the day to do it, for if we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience, then lets not play at playing small any more. Let’s not live as though we are simply bodies and minds. Let’s let our love out, let our spirit truly flow, and let’s reshape our world. After all, its what our bodies and minds would want too.

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Love, Love Changes Everything!

‘Love is a many splendored thing‘, or so sang Frank Sinatra, ‘it’s the April rose that only grows in the early spring, Love is nature’s way of giving a reason to be living’. Now this is an old song that came out way before ‘my time’, and it is an old fashioned romantic love song, and yet somehow these lyrics touched me when I first heard them, several years ago. Love, a mystical romantic state that we all seem to want to experience and one that we also hope we are lucky enough to find.

As the years went by after I first heard these words, and perhaps through cynicism as much as through wisdom, I realized that love was not just to be found in romance, it was also there in my family, in nature (as Frank crooned), up in the mountains, pursuing adventure and supporting my football team, indeed it was there amongst many splendored things. It has taken me many more years to realize that love’s source is in none of these places. Love, it would seem, lives at the very core of our being and not in ‘things’. Love, it would seem, is our very innocent, pure and original nature, living beneath the fickleness and the transience of our personality. But oh, if this be true, how can we cultivate this eternal garden of inner loveliness and dine upon its fruits?

Thankfully, there is a way that can help us and it is called the Enneagram. Nine paths to understanding who we are, nine journeys into the love that is at our very essence. An ancient system, brought to the west in the last century, and nurtured by those who truly see the path to freedom and love that it reveals to us. And best of all, in September, there is an event that will show us our very own escape route to love.

I can write about this with the confidence of a man who has experienced and studied this amazing psycho spiritual and practical tool as taught in the dedicated hands of two geniuses, Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. I can write this with the experience and gratitude of a man who has for the past 12 years worked, played and learned from Dr Robert Holden and his brilliant work on happiness, success and the ultimate teacher, love. Combine these two bodies of work, and we have Love and the Enneagram, a ticket to freedom, fun and the fruition of our search for a deeper love and happiness.

If you have ever wondered why you seem to love some types of people and not others, why you end up arguing with the person you love, why you seem to be from another planet compared to all ‘the nutters’ around you, then this is the opportunity for understanding and salvation.

Cancel work, hire a babysitter, procrastinate on the fitness campaign, put the football season on hold and dedicate three days to dive into the most delightful ticket to love. The reward: real truthful understanding to help you be a more loving person, and insights about life that will show you for once and for all that we are all special, when we escape from our habitual thought patterns and egoistic bullshit. Enough said, follow this link! Love & The Enneagram

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God Only Knows; Is Love the Answer?

Once upon the time there was nothing. The End!

Hang on, that doesn’t make sense, there IS something here! Surely if once upon a time indeed there was nothing, then there would still be nothing here now and yet there is stuff and people and planets and things. Hmmmm. Wow, that can only mean one thing. Yikes, something has always been! That’s big. That’s very big I mean. That’s even bigger than the big bang idea, because it means that the big bang must have come from something, and not from nothing! That also means that if something has always existed then part of us must have always existed too! And that would also mean that there must be some kind of God thing out there, even if we as humans might not really know how that works. And not just that, it means that we must somehow be a part of it, for we can’t be apart from it, there never have been a state of true nothingness. By golly that could mean we may not actually be dead when we are dead! Oh hell, what would that mean?

I love contemplating the whys and the wherefores of our existence, where we might have come from and where we may be headed next, if at all. I love the way that humans have written about this for centuries, with some people actually claiming they are writing the direct word of God! If my postulation above is true, that would seem to suggest that everything ever written must on one level be composed by God, in human form. Depending upon your own definition of God, or a definition of God that you may have inherited as gospel, this kind of talk could be construed as blasphemy. However, I am pretty sure that God does not need defending by humans from humans. Surely God must be my Father/Mother/Creator too, as he/she/it is to everyone, and surely, any loving parent/maker (especially a divine one) would not choose to smite their own children/creations, especially if they are directly and forever connected to them on some level?

I am often flabbergasted by the way some human beings will kill, and then proclaim it as a holy act in the name of God. Living as we do with great access to the wisdom of the ages coupled together with a large degree of freedom of thought, and freedom of speech, the evidence would appear to confirm that we humans are fundamentally one species, one race, one people, and one family. In the vein of such thinking, Hafiz, the fourteenth century mystical poetical genius from ancient Persia suggests in his poem I Know The Way You Can Get, that ‘All a Sane man can ever care about is giving love’. To really love we must surely include the love of self, the love of life, and the love of each other. This can be hard to do in a violent world, a world full of prejudice and stubborn opinions, and a world dominated by commerce and competition. Thankfully, it is also a world full of love.

To me it boils down to one of two choices, Love or Fear, as beautifully told in the Cherokee legend of the two wolves within. Whilst God only knows, the presence of love can rule within our own world. The question we need to ask ourselves therefore, is which one of the two internal wolves do we feed the most, love or fear? That one will be the winner.

Ultimately, if I am wrong and nothing does in fact exist, then in the words of an Eric Idle character from The Life of Brian; ”you come from nothing, you go back to nothing, what have you lost? Nothing!’ In that case, there’s nothing to worry about in the end, so we might just as well commit to love, after all it’s a lot more enjoyable.

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There Must Be A Better Way

The Headlines this Sunday – At least 93 people killed by terrorist in Norway. Amy Winehouse dead, suspected drug overdose. Chinese train crash – fears of corruption compromising safety. My immediate thoughts – madness and sadness, I am living on a planet of lost souls, some dealing in the carnage of others, some hell-bent on self annihilation, all looking in dark places for meaning and purpose to their life. All acting out of frustration and ill thinking. So I sit in quiet reflection. I try to bring wisdom I have learnt, feelings of love I have experienced, energy I have felt from out of this materialistic world and the beauty that is in humanity to bear on my thoughts. Surely, we can do better than this? There has to be a better way?

The newspapers and media are awash with scandals, sports news, celebrity ‘happenings’, acts of war and violence. There is very little room for articles on self-respect, nurturing one another, the common threads we share, and for intelligent conversations that discuss a greater vision for all. It is a curriculum that fails to inspire and encourage us, except perhaps as an act of rebellion. Maybe it’s time to make a stand for something new, to contribute to the dialogue for peace, love and really reaching the stars and to be a warrior of hope and action. Oh, and by doing so, the chance to live each day with a noble cause and to reach a place of nirvana; living ones life with meaningful purpose and passion.

This blog is dedicated to walking that path and to challenging the status quo of a world lost without a plan, in a non-threatening way. It is about asking questions and seeking answers about why we turn up for life each morning, and how can we all take a lead to be a champion of love, fun, beauty, connection, healing and forgiveness. After all, isn’t it time for something better?